28-30 June 2013: Up to Robin Hood’s Bay on spec…

28-30 June 2013: Up to Robin Hood’s Bay on spec…

Just come back from a 325 mile round bike trip up to Robin Hood’s Bay. Met a couple down by the bay outside the pub by the boats and no sooner had we said hi, we were having a meal and a glass of wine back at their quaint little holiday home. Claudia was Canadian, which is why I made a point of telling her how unexpected it was to receive such kind and un-English hospitality. Wow, this lady had a lot of stories.

Enjoyed my first night of bivvy camping – the built in midgey/mozzy net meant I could leave the lid up and sleep directly under the stars…perfect half moon this morning at 3.30am in a nearly light sky but Jase saw a stonking sunrise while I was pushing up zzZs.

The pitstops en route comprised a tray of Harry Ramsdens (with curry sauce) being troughed in Scarborough, a beach walk and coffee by the sea in Filey and some puffin watching at Bempton Cliffs. Snook in a long lazy snooze in the sun, meandered down to Flamborough Head to get in some more bird watching and an ice cream before cruising our way homeward bound in what has been spectacular sunshine! Got chatting to a fair few Yorkshire locals, some lovely, some not! Freckles coming out a gooden now, too cream crackered to blow dry hair so the ‘Fraggle’ look it is then for work tomorrow morning… ;o)

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