Adv MOTO magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

Media professionals, I’m a freelance travel writer and Jason is a photographer in the U.K., France, U.S. and Canada.

Born and bred in Britain, I grew up exploring the UK that extended to travelling the watery globe for 15 years – indulging a soft spot for scuba diving. My writing primarily covers overland travel and motorcycling where I ride to write adventure stories, advisory pieces, product reviews, the deep captions for Jason’s photo essays and I undertake product development consultations on motorcycle apparel. I also dabble in motorcycle journalism. I’m a big advocate that you don’t have to be a burly bloke on a 1200cc machine to keep pace on two wheels. Crikey, I’m living proof. Moreover, nor do you have to be a seasoned traveller or veteran motorcyclist with enduro training before being ready to set off on a two-wheeled adventure – epic or micro.  If you’re riding through local or foreign lands, it’s an adventure!

Our published words and pictures:

PRINT: Adventure Bike Rider, ADVMoto Magazine, Bike UK MagazineBMW Club Journal, Last Frontier Magazine, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, Motorcycle, Sport & Leisure, Overland Journal, Overland Magazine, Road Trip Magazine and TNT Magazine.

DIGITAL: ADVMotoADV Pulse, Cotswold OutdoorExpedition Portal, Horizons Unlimited, Global Women Who Ride, Oboz, MilletsMotorcycle Explorer Magazine, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, RideApart, Sea to Summit, Star Brite, Tracks Magazine, and Wanderlust.


– Schuberthschuberth-new-logo
  • Aug 2016 – Photoshoot commission to showcase the 2017 E1 and C3 Pro helmets at the 2016 EICMA in Milan, the SCHUBERTH website and through other marketing materials.
  • Sept 2017 – Photoshoot commission to showcase the 2018 C4, C3 Pro and E1 helmets at the 2017 EICMA in Milan; Jason’s images are featured on the Schuberth website, against the E1 helmet, C3 Pro and the brand new C4 helmet

Written feedback from Schuberth: “Your shots were absolutely superb as you understood what we really needed. The combination of our briefing along with your personal creative ideas and skills made the outcome more than satisfying.You guys implemented our briefing perfectly and mixed it very creatively with your personal style.  And that’s just awesome!”  


– Adventure Rider Radioscreen-shot-2016-09-16-at-3-38-25-pm



– Overland JournalOJ_Logo_Masthead_sm
  • Fall Issue 2016 – Latitude photo feature
  • Gear Guide 2017 – On a mission to the mission 
  • Jan 2018 – Tail Lamp Series: Head over heels (coming soon)


– Expedition Portal (online equivalent of Overland Journal)Unknown


– BIKE Magazinebike
  • Feb 2017 – A photo essay: Frontier spirit, Alaska
  • Feb 2018 – Adventure issue – A photo essay: South America 
– Road Trip Magazine
  • December 2017 – Double-page spread of an image of Jason riding on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia with a deep caption.
  • TBC 2018 – Adventure story (coming soon)
– Last Frontier Magazine
  • Sept/Oct 2017 – FRONT COVER and Camping on a glacier



– ADVMoto MagazineLISA 
  • May/Jun 2014 – Spotlight Riders – Lisa & Jason turn into two wheeled nomads
  • Jul/Aug 2014 – Reader in Focus
  • Jan/Feb 2015 – Ups and downs: Touring as a couple
  • May/Jun 2015 – The Atacama desert
  • Sept/Oct 2015 – A piece on Peru
  • Nov/Dec 2015 – The Pavey Dakar duo 
  • Mar/Apr 2016 – Planning article 
  • May/Jun 2016 – A sublime loop of the southern states
  • Sept/Oct 2016 – Photo feature – Slices of life from the road
  • Nov/Dec 2016 – Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford Presenter Bio
  • Jan/Feb 2017 – Product review on the Klim Altitude motorcycle suit
  • Mar/Apr 2017 – Product review on the Rukka Flexina motorcycle suit
  • May/Jun 2017 – Product review on the Held Carese II and Torno II suit
  • Nov/Dec 2017 – Interview with Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford, Two Wheeled Nomad
  • TBC – Product reviews on: Klim Artemis, NiteRider Lumina 1100 OLED, Gerbing heated clothing (Coming soon!)


– Overland Magazinelisafrontcover 
  • Issue 9, Oct 2014 – A slice of Argentinian pie
  • Issue 10, Feb 2015 – Chile 
  • Issue 11, June 2015 – Peru
  • Issue 12, Oct 2015 – FRONT COVER (see right) and Behind the lens feature: Jason Spafford 
  • Issue 13, Feb 2016 – Guatemala
  • Issue 15, June 2016 – A sortie in California, Arizona, Utah and Colorado
  • Issue 16, Oct 2016 – Killing it in Death Valley
  • Sept 2017 – Snowbound at the Stowasis
  • Nov 2017 – An adventure story on Mexico
  • TBC, 2017 – Camera and photo tips (Coming soon!)


– Adventure Bike Rider magazine photo-1
  • Issue 21, Mar/Apr 2014 – Bon Voyage
  • Issue 22, May/Jun 2014 – Life on a cargo ship
  • Issue 24, Sept/Oct 2014 – Two Wheeled Nomad update 
  • Issue 28, May/Jun 2015 – Mountain Rider feature
  • Issue 30, Sept/Oct 2015 – The basics behind swopping the life conventional for the ride of a lifetime 
  • Issue 35, Sept/Oct 2016 – Photo feature 


Motorcycle Mojo Magazine
  • Jun 2017 – An adventure story on Alaska 
  • Nov 2017 – FRONT COVER (see right) and an adventure story on the Baja


– Rider
  • TBC 2018 – Adventure ride piece on Alaska (coming soon)
– Tracks MagazineTracks-Logo-05-1
– BMW Club Journal BMW 1
  • Aug 2014 – Couple sell home for epic motorcycle trip
  • Sept 2014 – A container ship experience
  • Oct 2014 – From Port to Puerto Madryn
  • Nov 2014 – The final push down to Ushuaia
  • Dec 2014 – Carretera Austral
  • Jan 2015 – Sometimes the snow comes down in June
  • Feb 2015 – The seven coloured hill of Purmamarca
  • May 2015 – Nasca lines and Huachina
  • Jun 2015 – Peru
  • Jul 2015 – Lake Titicaca
  • Aug 2015 – With affliction comes the uncanny aid of assistance



– Motorcycle Explorer Magazinemem




ADV PulseAdvPulse
  • Oct 2014 – Money management 



– Motorcycle, Sport & LeisureMSL
  • 2014 – Meet motorcycle overlanders Jason & Lisa
  • 2014 – Written by Readers: Intro piece




– RideApartScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.32.37 PM


Horizons UnlimitedHU



– Global Women Who Ridegwwr


TNT MagazineTNT1
  • Ordinary people, extraordinary adventures
  • Top ten reasons to give up your job and go travelling


Cotswold Outdoor


“Great writing, by the way! I’m always very entertained by your prose…It’s a perfect blend of descriptive prose with ample wit to keep it light and fun. You both are a great team…It [X piece] is beautiful and as I would have expected, superbly written…To be honest, all of your pieces are fantastic.” Senior Editor, Overland International

Howdy! I love it! That is the type of stuff that does well. It appeals to the people unable to travel, or those inching closer to the door to embark on their own adventure. It’s great…The two of you have done so well to hone your writing and image-making crafts. It’s always a treat to read something new and see the vids and pics you get. Love the image you sent from Punta Olympica near Huaraz, Peru. I just have to say it again! This is the single best selection of images we have ever received. So incredible. The amount of time, skill, and life experience there is wrapped up in these shots is not lost on me. When I think back to our initial exchanges while I was in Iceland, and you were sending me your first story about life aboard a cargo ship, who could have known your trip would become such a many splendored journey. Congratulations. Chapeau! Thank you again and nice work!” Senior Editor, Expedition Portal

Top notch work in promotion of the brands! So far you guys are doing everything we could hope for! Thanks for all the great work! I will continue to pass your photos along to our friends in the German office to see if they would like to repost them via our social channels…all the things we’ve been getting from you is top notch!…I want to take a moment to say that we absolutely love all the photos you guys take, absolutely top notch. Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards…” Marketing associate, Schuberth USA

Thanks for your detailed update and congratulations on all of your accomplishments durning 2017.  I know the year ahead will be full of new opportunities and experiences which will be richly rewarding for both of you. I love working with you…I know more Aerostich gear would meet your requirements so if any opportunities come along to work with you further, please let me know. If you get anywhere near our location (Minnesota) I hope you’ll have time to stop and visit and see our operation. I wish you both a great 2018.Owner, Aerostich

“The May issue is just hitting the stands and your story looks amazing! The designers did a great job and you’ll be proud.” Editor, ADV Moto Magazine

Thank you for constantly wanting to check in and make sure that you are in good standing as far as our relationship and partnership goes. Its very clear that you care about the Rab brand and want to help us expand, so really, thanks!…I enjoy your content and the photos you and Jason produce…The product placement in magazines and the face-to-face “influencer” capacity is great…I do want to mention that we are super thankful for everything you guys have done so far, you are the first “ambassador” this company has had (at least in North America).” Marketing, Rab USA

In response to my thoughts on 5-10 items that I would say should be the requirements of field testing motorcycle garments: “Thank you! This is a fantastic list. I appreciate the feedback.” Senior Developer, Motorcycle Category KLIM Technical Riding Gear

Looks fantastic Lisa, and we greatly appreciate the articulate feedback.  Keep it coming.” Product Line Manager, KLIM Technical Riding Gear

In response to my consulting on a future women’s motorcycle suit: “Lisa: Thank you for the extensive feedback! [My colleagues] have hit it out of the park based off your comments! The suit looks great on you! I’ve attached your feedback sheet back with some comments from me.” Senior Developer, Motorcycle Category KLIM Technical Riding Gear

What an awesome recap and amazing year! Congrats! Great to see all of these accomplishments and it’s been fun working together.” Contact, Hayter Communications

I wanted to touch base with you both in regards to our pending 2017 partnership. I’ve had a chance to discuss with the rest of my team and there is no question we absolutely love working with you folks, and we appreciate the superior photo content & editorial that you consistently deliver.” Marketing and Social Media Co-ordinator, Sea to Summit USA

I love working with you because you’re incredibly organized and adventurous and your images are great.” Marketing, Oboz USA

I really appreciate you guys being so awesome about sending us updates and photos. I’d love to make it more official and have you guys as an official part of our ambassador team.” I love working with you because you’re incredibly organized and adventurous and your images are great. PR & Communications Manager, Hydro Flask

SW Motech’s response to our contributions: “I really love what you are doing. Everytime I see some of your photos I would love to pack my stuff and leave… :o) And another very positive point: You are so active and it is very nice that you keep me up to date.” Marketing, SW-Motech Germany

Thank you so much for these amazing awesome pictures! Absolutely breathtaking!…Can we use some of your photos in our marketing? We are impressedWe at Rukka HQ are impressed in everything you have done.” Motorsport, Rukka Finland

I just wanted to send a personal THANK YOU! I am fully aware of the endless hours of shooting, editing, sound fixing you have spent to create your masterpiece. Let me assure you it had an impact that night, and we may have yet another new bunch of travellers on their way to their own overland experience. For what you do, indeed, matters. Until we meet again.” Alain Despatie, Film Festival Curator, Overland Expo WEST — Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

“I’m stunned at the incredible images on your website; so inspiring and gobsmacking!  What a thrilling and epic adventure you & Jason had. AND I just read through the coverage on our Mountain House: it is pure poetry, fantastic wordsmithing!!!  I love the way you write and describe everything.  Super WOW.  You absolutely captured Talkeetna, the anticipation for the flight, and the experience at the Mountain House so authentically!  Thank you!”  Owner of Sheldon Mountain House, atop a glacier inside the Don Sheldon Amphitheater just above the Ruth Gorge, Denali National Park, Alaska.

“…I hope all’s still going really well with you guys. Loving the updates from Lisa. Give her a hug would you please : ) Cheers, Sam.” Sam Manicom, author of four motorcycle travel books.

You’ve always got great photos and commentary.” ADV Pulse.

You and Lisa have done a killer job on social media! Thank you so much for your contributions this year.Brett Hutchinson, Manager of Skagway Tours.

I absolutely loved her [Lisa Morris’] story, to the point of reading it twice. [The Final Frontier,” June 2017]. Words, emotions, sincerity…excellent writing, experience and trek. I would gladly purchase more Mojos just knowing she may again write from her memoirs.” Denis Goselin via email, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, October 2017.

“OMG you two! 3 days ago I found your blog and have now read your story so far! What an adventure, so beautifully written and narrated by Lisa, I can’t believe we didn’t know what you were doing! I will be following your blog now, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this life affirming journey you have undertaken, together, taking your readers with you via the amazing pictures and videos and the enchanting way Lisa captures the essence of your adventure.”  Clive Littlewood, follower of Two Wheeled Nomad.

“I am loving the stories and the ebb and flow of your trip. I think your writing is a delight, and a great read for experienced travellers or the humble coach potato.” Neil Burnard, fellow motorcyclist.

“Always love your blog posts, videos and photos. Thank you for sharing using magical words that capture my interest in your adventure. You are both true professionals as your writing demonstrates. Truly inspirational!” Miss Rider, fellow motorcyclist.

“..You are really finding your own pure voice here…A genuine sense of place, spirit, and heart. Be safe, stay aware, and remain humble.” EH Alberts, fellow motorcyclist.

“I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and amusing, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head..” Mickie, fellow motorcyclist.

“Hi! As a fellow blogger, who blogs almost exclusively about Guatemala, I REALLY enjoyed seeing another author write so eloquently about Antigua and with stunning photos to match. Glad you enjoyed your time in Guatemala!” Chelsea,

Photo gallery

October 2017 issue: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine



Sea to Summit email sent on Friday, August 4 2017 (Part 1 of 3.)

Sea to Summit email sent on Friday, August 4 2017 (Part 2 of 3.)

Sea to Summit email sent on Friday, August 4 2017 (Part 3 of 3.)

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-8-50-57-pm5 4 3 2




The carton for Schuberth's 2017 C4 helmet used worldwide!

The carton for Schuberth’s 2017 C4 helmet used worldwide!

fullsizerender-05-12-16-11-55-2 fullsizerender-05-12-16-11-55-3 fullsizerender-05-12-16-11-55-4 fullsizerender-05-12-16-11-55-5screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-47-49-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-47-59-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-48-07-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-48-16-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-48-24-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-48-45-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-48-53-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-01-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-09-pm-copyscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-17-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-25-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-32-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-52-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-59-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-50-07-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-50-15-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-50-23-pm-copyfishook-fatties-1 fishook-fatties-2 fishook-fatties-3 fishook-fatties-4 fishook-fatties-5screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-07-12-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-07-22-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-07-58-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-08-07-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-08-37-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-09-03-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-09-20-pm

image-17-10-16-10-42screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-31-31-amscreen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-30-45-amscreen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-29-44-amscreen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-29-08-amscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-45-05-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-44-54-pmScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.02.38 PM Jason showcasing Schuberth’s new 2017 E1 helmet at Intermot, Germany (October 2016).

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.03.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.03.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.03.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.03.48 PM




screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-06-36-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-07-50-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-08-14-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-08-45-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-09-52-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-10-10-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-11-40-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-12-59-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-17-13-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-18-37-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-22-17-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-27-03-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-29-31-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-29-50-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-32-10-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-32-48-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-43-11-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-43-33-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-43-46-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-44-16-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-44-59-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-45-18-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-45-35-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-45-47-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-49-58-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-50-13-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-50-24-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-56-58-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-57-45-pm


Adventure Bike Rider – Bon Voyage part 1



Adventure Bike Rider – Bon Voyage part 2



Adventure Bike Rider – Bon Voyage part 3



TNT Magazine: Extraordinary adventures, ordinary people








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