29 Nov – Motorcycle Live 2013

Probably the best show at the NEC I’ve been to and certainly the most interesting year for me at Motorcycle Live.  My day was packed to the gunwales.  A little bleary eyed from a Christmas do the night before, I was up at the crack of sparrows and on the road before 8.30am.  Bumped into some good biking friends – Chris, Ian and Jay, which were wonderful company and meant I barely noticed Jason’s absence (currently biking in Morocco).  Speaking of the devil, soon after arriving, Jason dropped a quick text to say he was having a ball in the desert and being blown away by the scenic Atlas Mountains.  Think he used the term ‘challenge’ too…!  More of that to follow in an imminent post.

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Hard at it on the ever-evolving To Do list!

3 Nov 2013 – The three month countdown

We are now well and truly on the countdown..!  Just three short months before Jase and I embrace our bon voyage – shortly after celebrating Christmas and New Years.  It occurred to me a while back that at some point I’d have to start getting serious about the preparations required to execute a trip of this magnitude.  Packing two lives neatly into a few boxes for around 18 months is no mean feat.  Namely from an administrative, financial, physical, marketing, logistical, geographical, transportation, bike and kit preparation and foremost psychological perspectives, things need thinking about.  Man alive, where do we even start?

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