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lisa and jase

An overland journey of two people, side by side on two wheels, riding over dust and dirt, silky smooth blacktop and serpentine gravel. Embracing the fellowship of the road, the magic of people and the mysterious, capturing life through a lens and the written word. Home is where the side stands are kicked down in a story that’s forever unfolding…

Welcome to Two Wheeled Nomad!

Our site dedicated to travel as much as motorcycle overlanding.  Having decided on a change and opting for a big one, we sold the house, quit the 9-5 and packed everything we thought we’d need into two panniers and a roll bag. Why? Good question. Simply, to  trade the life conventional for the ride of a lifetime.  Connected to the outside world, intimately and vulnerably. Living out an adventure side by side made sense because of wanting to see the same countries and the same places by the same means. Pulling in the same direction, isn’t that what it’s all about?

While riding the Americas from Antarctica to the Arctic, we’re producing content as field editors and photo contributors for various digital and print publications across the globe. Not for shameless self-promotion but more to make it our mission to have a purpose bigger than ourselves astride the motorcycles. By documenting all the mishaps, mingled with the high highs and stream of challenges we face as we go, we’re showing that regular folks, who worked regular jobs that saved and sacrificed, can make an unbelievably life-changing alteration to their lives.

For us at least, we can’t get enough of the two wheeled drug…living a life we never thought possible while in the safe sphere of our English bubble back in old Blighty. And by bursting our own bubble and choosing a different way to live, if it makes you pause for just one moment–to ponder if what you’re doing is enough to keep you content–then I hope it does. Over to you, Jase.



DSC01146 copy

Born and raised in Nottingham, England, I’ve had an unquenchable thirst for travel for as long as I can remember. Having explored above and below the waterline extensively for over two decades, I became a scuba diving instructor, which led to teaching across the watery globe, running diving trips in the Red Sea with Lisa and leaving my watermark as an Underwater Photographer.

Having hung up my fins professionally, I’ve diversified somewhat: sold the house, cashed in and swopped the life conventional for the ride of a lifetime.  Currently riding a dual sports bike ‘bottom up’ through the Americas has definitely got me to where I want to be: big open spaces and engaged in the great outdoors.  I’ve broadened my passion behind the lens as an Adventure travel Photographer, have become a videographer and drone pilot, which enables me to shoot stills and short films capturing some unique aerial photography while living and freelancing on the road. 

As a working photographer

I’m Jason, currently living and capturing some of the world’s richest offerings from my motorcycle, while wending up through the Americas. For me, photography is about having a bigger purpose outside of motorcycle travel, I need a creative outlet. It’s not just about preserving the big moments forever, being able to travel back in time.  It’s about the challenge of forever pushing the boundaries of creativity while being in the environments I love, and noticing something in an alternatively beautiful way. Encapsulating unseen realities. It’s a platform where I can tell a story about an adventure, a place or a subject.

Photography is one of my favourite ways to not only express myself but to convey sunrise silhouettes, wide-angle landscapes, close-ups, action shots and everything in between. Moreover, the essence of what makes us human, a child’s face of innocence or an old man’s expression whose laughter lines stem from a thousand moments. To better understand the person in that time. And it’s a good way for me to relax, sometimes meditatively.  I’d be lying if I said taking pictures wasn’t a dream job and I’m extremely grateful to be doing something I love. It’s a channel through which I can surprise myself and learn about something that piques my interest. It lets me connect with what I’m viewing, to intimately see it and then project it with meaning.

I guess shooting images involves a fair bit of introspection. The deeper I get, the more I come to realise that it’s about what fascinates me, how I feel about it, and what I want to say to those that view my work. The more I shoot, the more I better understand myself, what I value, and how I see the world. It’s an art, albeit a mechanical one.

As a professional freelance photographer for various organizations and print publications in the UK and US, as well as being a full-time nomad, I’ve selected my strongest offering, to which I’m always in the process of building. In the meantime, I hope my artwork best shares the world as it unfolds on our journey from my perspective, and gives an insight into my personality. Although very subjective, I foremost hope my imagery captures a raw emotion, or evokes a feeling–even if it’s totally different to another person’s reaction–not just the appearance. And, all things being equal, inspires you to journey to new places, near and far.

The equipment used: see here.



Lisa Morris12 copy

Born and bred in Great Britain, Lisa has sunk into various continents over the last two decades—instructing and co-running liveaboard trips around the watery globe with her partner, Jason. Currently wending their way from the bottom of the planet to the top on two wheels, Lisa is a spirited advocate for women riders alongside engaging as a travel writer and product tester for various overland and motorcycle publications worldwide.

Having learned to ride a bike by accident–I won a competition, which was somewhat more than the runner-up prize at a UK motorcycle event. After a morning’s wobbling on a 50cc automatic, I got bitten by the two-wheeled bug having already been infected by the dangerous travel virus and well, never looked back. I’m not sure whether I ride to write or write to ride, I guess it’s both. I need a creative outlet and sharing our tales on the trails gives me just that.

39 thoughts on “About us

  1. Your web site is in my” favourites”, waiting for your first entry.
    I know your entries will be as interesting as your past diving experiences around the world.

    All I say is have a safe journey where ever it takes you
    Love Trishxx


  2. Hi Lisa and Jason,Thank you for allowing me to enjoy following you around on your trip.Cant wait for the first instalment.Look forward to meeting up with you both somewhere on your travels.Have an amazing time stay safe.LOVE YOU BOTH Mum XX


  3. Well our adventure begins, and the best of it i can do it from my armchair no dust,rain wind and best of all the heat, Have a great time
    My book starts love to you both Jim see you in three weeks (skipe) ?


  4. Just picked up your story in adventure mag,,,,,,,,all the best with the trip,life can only get better for you both 😃😃😃😃regards,,,,steve


  5. Just saw your story and found your blog through Motorcycle Explorer Magazine. What an amazing story you have and I’m now hooked on your blog. Are you guys on ADVRIDER forum?
    I guess from what I just read you are still in South America, when you make it to the USA make sure to visit me on the east coast. I did a trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 2012 and might return again next year. My dream trip is Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. Might be able to do it in 4 years.
    I will send you my e-mail contact info through Facebook but you probably will have it here since I’m leaving a comment.
    I like your writing style. Keep safe
    My blog is here: http://www.riding-the-usa.com/


  6. Hola chicos desde BA! Jason, hope you received yer brand spankin gloves and you guys are back on the road. Looking forward to reading the blog some and receiving the new updates. Keep her between the ditches!
    Pete & Jess (Salta)


    • Cheers you guys. Was a pleasure to meet you both, great company you made sadly only for an afternoon’s worth. Loved that stonking little hostel Salta Por Siempre! Right back at you, long may your travels last for many moons from now. Love L&J x


  7. Hi there, I’ve just been researching container ship travel as it’s a dream of mine to reach Asia this way…and I can across your video on YouTube. Absolutely inspirational! I will be following your blog, enjoy the rest of your fantastic trip.
    Tom, Sheffield


    • Many thanks Tom in Sheffield – hope you have a smooth crossing, remember to pack your gadgets such as the laptop with movies and kindle, books etc!


  8. Living the life that thousands dream of but dont have the courage to take on…….ride save with the thoughts of hundreds of bikers behind you,,,,,,,,,,,steve


  9. Hello Jason and Lisa , it looks like your having a cracking time and your in no rush to come back. I’m loving your stunning photos.

    Speak soon

    Simon ( your old neighbour)


  10. I just discovered you both on Adventure Bike TV. I will try and catch up on your adventures, as it inspires me to follow my own. I’m an American ( please don’t hold that against me), and while I have been riding motorcycles for years I am only beginning to consider Adventure bikes. I am a short rider at 162.5 cm and challenged by the seat heights of most Adventure bikes. So I am curious as to what size BMW Lisa rides, and if you had to make any modifications to the suspension. Would love to hear back from you. And thanks for your time.


    • Hi Aaron,

      Great to hear that you are thinking of moving into the world of adventure motorcycling. I’m 5’8″ and I have the F800gs with a lowered seat but I also have an Airhawk seat on top for comfort which pushes the height over the standard height seat which is pretty tall, that means I’m on the balls of my feet, which is ok for me. Lisa has the lowered front and back suspension F650gs which she is flat footed on, this she prefers as the bike is very heavy and the height is more manageable for her. You need a bike with good ground clearance if you are thinking of doing the rough stuff but not so high that you will find it unmanageable. Hope that helps.



  11. Awesome, I love it, I too have had a tiny little taste of adventure like you guys, having rode across the USA as part of a year out travelling around the world for 12 months, (2007) however, unlike you guys I soon fell back into the trap of traditional life as we have been indoctrinated to believe is 9-5 Mon/Fri and try and have fun on 2 wheels at the weekend…. Been a fellow Nottingham lad you would have thought I’d have known better😦 obviously not!!

    Anyway now you have created this site I can live my pipe dream through you guy’s….

    I run a number of Social Network (High Traffic) sites of which I shall be showcasing your journey

    Ride Safe – Keep Safe

    James Slater

    4 wheels move the body – 2 wheels move the soul🙂


  12. Lisa and Jason, great meeting you two today in Los Barriles. Thank you for all the bike info on your 800GS. It will help with our adventures. Another 948 miles and you will be in the USA. Brace yourself for the price of everything!


    • Hi Ron and Kelly, a pure pleasure meeting you two yesterday. We’re still in shock over your generous donation, wow, you guys! You’ve made our month, and some–that’s for sure. Keep the wheels rolling, thank you again to the moon and back. L&J x


  13. Liked reading your article in ADV Moto magazine. Started following your blog. Awesome! If I can help you out if your in the area(Grand Junction, Colorado), let me know.


    • Thanks for getting in touch John, great to hear from you. Such a shame we rode through Grand Junction today…but never say never, hope to see you out there one day. Cheers Lisa & Jase


  14. Great site. Thanks for the stories.
    I’m always curious about how one affords to live on the road the way you do. Can you give us some idea of how you budget for a life on the road and how you tackle the cost of maintenance, insurance, including medical coverage etc.
    Have you talked about having a family and how that can be factored into perpetual travelling?


      • Many thanks Martin, we might thank you. Weather only seems to be good in CA at the moment–we’re a bit stuck to get some serious mileage under our belts, but still, where there’s a will…and a way of stupidity? Cheers L&J


  15. I discovered your story on Adventure Rider Podcast and was particularly interested in Lisa’s story. Similar to you I got off the back of a motorcycle and started riding my own in 2013 with the purpose of adventure riding. Your honesty and humour is appreciated in planning for our adventures. Being a new rider and a small one at that brings on unique challenges. I’m on a BMW XCountry 650. I look forward to reading your stories and following you both. Our plans for journey are delayed as my husband is making his way through treatments after being diagnosed with leukemia. Our plan is similar to yours once that’s behind us. We have faith that it’s only a matter of time before we are on our journey. In the meantime I can enjoy yours and learn from your travels and others. bon voyage! If you pass through Vancouver Canada, stop in.


  16. Hi if you pass through Chile I hope to count on your presence for a good Asado I would love to hear your experiences, my trip will begin in December 2016, I hope to find them at somewhere and good luck …..


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