Story so far

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Dispatches on the road

From my mother’s doorstep in February 2014, we said our farewells to our loved ones in England and scooted through France and Belgium. In the dock in Antwerp, we rolled onto a container ship for a month before being deposited in Uruguay. Worried about the onset of snow, we shot down to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, spent nine months in Argentina crisscrossing into Chile, a day in Brazil, a 147-hour bus ride (circumnavigating Argentina!)–broken up in the middle by a 12-day sailing to Antarctica–eventually seeing us back in the saddle to wend our way north proper again.

On to explore South America through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, we hopped onto the then last ferry over to Panama and rode into pastures new through Central America. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize.  Into Mexico, our first taste of North America.

The USA saw us experiencing reverse culture shock in its first world after almost two years in Latin America.  Undoubtedly, we sampled some highlights of California, Arizona, Utah and Colorado before flying home to England for Christmas 2015. Back to the Baja Peninsula and Arizona, dipped into Nevada, California again, got a taste of Oregon, where we then took a whirlwind week off with friends in Washington and into Canada.

Having ridden hell-bent up British Columbia and the Yukon, we spent a good portion of time exploring Alaska, which blew our minds. For six months, from August 2016, we set a new precedent and paused the trip in Canada. Having enjoyed her late summer and rich autumnal offerings, a fantastic motorcycling couple took us in as lodgers through Alberta’s winter wonderland. Albeit just about managing to keep the blood sloshing around like mercury in minus stupid (anywhere from zero to -30C). For sure, the faces and fingers frequently fell off, but hey, even as Canadian Winter newbies, it was worth it!

March 2017 saw us leave Alberta with heavy hearts and reunite with the “Fishhook Fatties” in Southcentral Alaska. Vigorously over breaking bread and beer, to boot. Spring has sprung and we’ve spent the summer in Juneau, Southeast Alaska to get wide-eyed on whales, photograph the bears (the brown coloured black ones and black coloured brown ones) and the baldies (just the raptor variety). Canada beckons once again (the U.S. visa has expired until 2018) and beyond that, stay tuned folks!

Adventure Rider Radio: Interviewed us in September 2014 and September 2016.
The end of the road - going south.

No more going south astride our bikes: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. (March 2014.)


The farthest northern point on the trip: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. (23 June 2016.)

Story so far…

Months on a container ship: 1

Miles: 53,000 for Lisa, 57,000 miles for Jason

On the road: 3 years, 8 months

Continents: 3.5

Countries: 21

Lisa’s motorcycles: Formerly Pearl (2001 BMW F650GS clocking 49,585 miles in Lisa’s care) and currently Mr Jangles (Suzuki DR650)

Miles on Lisa’s original front tyre: 31,000 (A Heidenau K60 Scout)

Oil changes: 12

New tyres: 12

Clutch cables: 1

Chain & sprockets: 4

Fuel pumps: 1

Water pumps: 4

Batteries: 2

Wheel rims: 2

Set of wheel bearings: 2

Rear shocks: 3

Stators rewound / replaced: 3

Brake pads: 6

Fans: 1

Fork seals leaked: Too darn many!

Bikes conked out: 13

Marriage proposals: 1

Bruised rotator cuff in the shoulder: 1


4 thoughts on “Story so far

  1. Met for a moment at the const. site on the Steese hwy. Eric and I wish we had time with you both to hear stories of your journeys. We did decide to do the Dalton and passed you just before the musk ox on the side of the road south of Deadhorse. If you ever pass thru Boulder CO please look us up for a cold micro brew and a place to crash.


    • Thanks Pete and Eric, wished we could’ve chatted with you guys longer. And thank you so much for the invite, we will surely look you up when we’re next down in your neck of the woods. Happy riding, L&J


  2. Hi both, I met Jason this morning at Dease Lake while he was as refuelling, I think you were on your way to Kitwanga. We were in a Discovery towing a canoe. Good luck on your journey I will keep a watch to see how you are getting on. Best wishes Dennis, South Wales, UK. (Currently in Canada on holiday). 14-Sep-17


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