Pan-American trip resources: 

Horizons Unlimited – An excellent site geared only not towards motorcyclists, but is useful for anyone overlanding.  The forums are good too.

iOverlander – Superb resource and one of my top three when it comes to finding cheap camping through the Americas and beyond.

Life Remotely –  Redefining travel, living and working anywhere is possible for anyone, these guys will show you how.

S&M Boilerworks – Current and well-informed information about Central America and South America, created by a couple Mike and Shannon who even take the time to publish up-to-date reports on: borders, expenses and accommodation.

Route planning:

Garmin Zumo 660 or any other satellite navigation device

Free mobile phone applications: Maps with Me, Waze, Ride with me, Eat Sleep Ride and Rever.

US visa process (from Mexico)

NB: If you’re a European Union citizen and only wish to visit the United States for up to three months, apply online for a US visa via the ESTA programme, it costs $14 US and will hopefully be approved within 24 hours.

The process outlined below is for a EU citizen wishing to visit the US on up to a ten-year multiple entry visa, known as a Tourist B2 visa:

Completing the online DS-160 visa application

Finger printing appointment: Hamburgo # 213, PB Anexo, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, 06600

US Embassy address: Paseo de la Reforma # 305, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, 06500

The interview

Visa information

Reciprocity information (Not applicable to those travelling on a British passport)

Keeping healthy on the road:

Health and safety

Healthy eating on the road: an overlander’s cookbook

The raw food family

Fresh is best but there’s always the multivitamin as a short term back up.

Ladies new to riding:

Ladies on the Loose – Part 4 of the Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series

Global Women Who Ride

Women Riders Now

BMW GS Girls

Global Motorcycle Adventures of Women Riders

Lois Pryce’s books

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi guys. Just a quick note on “US Visa Process (from Mexico)”. All EU citizens should be able to pitch up at the US border with Mexico and enter on a Visa-Waiver, good for 3 months and costs nothing. This is what we did in June 2015 and we were processed there and then (5 minutes). No need for an ESTA. All the best and safe riding.


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