16–23 March 2014: The first week in South America – Port to Puerto Madryn

Land ahoy matey!  6,906 nautical miles sailed and we finally arrived at large to Uruguay’s capital Montevideo.  Despite both of our bikes being subjected to a little petty theft whilst in Paranagua and Zarate from external dock staff, primarily coming onto the boat to discharge cargo, we were still brimming with that just-rolled-off-the-ferry feeling.

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19 March 2014 – What’s it like to travel on a cargo ship?

[By Jason]

What’s it like to travel on a cargo ship? Well, pretty groovy really.  While I was on the ship, I had the time to do some filming so I put together a little movie to give a flavour of life on board.  Please excuse the quality of the video which I had to unfortunately reduce to upload it to You Tube. We hope you enjoy it.

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The Senegalese wide boys

25 Feb– 13 Mar 2014: Ahoy! Land is in sight…

Eight days in, we dropped anchor to spend the afternoon in Dakar.  The crew instructed us to be back by 20:00 sharp having released us at 15:00.  Past our curfew and the ship would set sail, no questions asked, or search party mounted by the sounds of it.  A local, John, who looked streetwise was on standby and acted as a guide for us.  For a good price, of course – T.I.A. – This is Africa.  Nevertheless, he had something we needed: local knowledge.  We saw very little of Dakar; shame the small bit of the capital we encountered was ramshackled and dirty, frenzied and on the same path as a pickpocket.  I guess we were never going to see the best of Senegal so close to its shipping port.  Nothing was stolen as we left our valuables behind although Ludwig nearly got his camera snatched.

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