15 April 2014 – Tierra del Fuego movie

[By Jason]

We are still in Ushuaia but will be leaving in a few days to head north as the weather is really starting to turn now, and if we leave it much longer we’ll be marooned on this island until the Spring.  No bad thing with the mountains to explore and great skiing in the nearby ski resort.  Tierra del Fuego or Land of Fire is such a beautiful place; there is a raw beauty to this land, you really do feel like you are a pioneer at the Fin del Mundo – the End of the World.  I have took the liberty of putting another short film together, I hope it will convey the raw, mysterious, wild, beautiful and sometimes hostile land that is Tierra del Fuego.  It took me a couple of hours to edit – it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster, but I like it all the same and hope you will too.

I would advise that you click on HD at the bottom right of the movie window, as the quality is not that best due to that amount of compression I had to do to get it on to Vimeo, enjoy.


10 thoughts on “15 April 2014 – Tierra del Fuego movie

    • Hi Guys,

      glad you like my film. I got the ‘flying shots’ using a drone called a DJI Phantom quadcopter. It gives great smooth shots like the ones in the film.


  1. Amazing mate. If you’re making a feature film I can’t wait to see it… it’s gonna blow everything else out of the water! Love the quadcopter shots, absolutely stunning. x


  2. Hi You two, Magic!! Just Tweeted it and will share on FB too. You guys have talent!!: ) Cheers, Sam     www.sam-manicom.com  Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books and much more.

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  3. Happy Easter guys! The film making is really quite impressive, I would definitely pay to watch the edited feature length version of your trip, although I could imagine this being a somewhat ‘Lord of the Bikes’ epic! I didn’t appreciate the amount of additional exploring you were planning to do so am very impressed with the hiking scenes. Also thanks for the Twitter invite but I don’t do the whole Tweet or FB thing but I will continue to follow you on TWN of course. Richard x


  4. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. As a forester I appreciate the woodlands and the trees. The mountain shots were stupendous,
    You have an excellent ability to allow us to share the experience with you.
    I’ve shared on Facebook again as I want others to enjoy this.
    Safe travelling


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