Thanks to…

You'll never appreciate how big this giant is until you look up at it.

You’ll never appreciate how big a cypress tree is until you look up at one.

Unexpectedly, we’ve received overwhelming levels of support on our adventure from all walks of life from the well-heeled to the impoverished, in the most remote or unlikeliest corners of the world, which has left us dumbfounded, and grateful to the moon and back.

We would like to convey our warmest thanks to everyone with whom we’ve had the good fortune of crossing paths. Such people have gone beyond the extra mile by: nourishing us with food; plying us with drinks (you know who you are!); offering up their home–sheltering our backs with a roof over our heads and a comfy bed to sleep in; allowing us to camp on the manicured lawn of your five star hotel; treating us to a complimentary night in your four star double room en suite; insisting on crossing our palms with silver; donating their satellite navigation system; inviting us to dinner; and giving us access to a washing machine, tumble dryer and hot shower.  All heaven sent.

As well, rescuing this moto-damsel-in-distress when Pearl has broken down on the odd occasion; supported us with motorcycle maintenance and floorspace for tinkering on our wheels; taking us sight seeing and helping us to run our errands; and giving us a generous discount on lodging.

Collectively, you’ve all contributed tremendously towards keeping us going and the bikes on the road through unconditional acts of kindness.  We couldn’t have done it without you, and you’ve made our experience from the outset all the more richer. Thank you so much.

Learning important attributes on the road—patience, faith and resilience—is one thing. Immeasurable hospitality to which we’ve become unexpectedly acquainted, is quite another. On the receiving end of gestures of goodwill and proactive concern from strangers, seems to have dislodged an inner-emotional logjam in me, and while we don’t fully know how to return the generous gestures—it is good and we’ll find a way.

What have we absorbed? Something warm, intimate, genuine. That friendship has no linguistic barriers. That’s the essence of goodness, which in our case stems from the fellowship of the road. The unforeseeable weave of human action. It leaves us flabbergasted to be a member of such a camaraderie-driven family. Isn’t it always the fruits of serendipity that taste the sweetest?

Hoping one day we will be able to return the gesture to the scores of super people we’ve encountered. But please, don’t all come round to our house at once, we won’t have enough tea bags!

In the meantime, we’ll endeavour to keep paying it forward.

Hope to see you again, much love

Lisa and Jase