[By Jason]

What’s it like to travel on a cargo ship? Well, pretty groovy really.  While I was on the ship, I had the time to do some filming so I put together a little movie to give a flavour of life on board.  Please excuse the quality of the video which I had to unfortunately reduce to upload it to You Tube. We hope you enjoy it.

21 thoughts on “19 March 2014 – What’s it like to travel on a cargo ship?

  1. Absolutely fantastic film felt I was there with you. Did not realize the ship was going to be so large. Looks such a friendly crew on board. How did you find learning Spanish? I will send you an e mail Lisa later to-day.
    Luv Trishxx


  2. Hi, Jason and Lisa.
    An amazing video. I feel your excitement and felt quite emotional.. hey, I even had a little tear. All the very best as you set off. I am looking forward to the next installment. Paul


  3. Hi you two. You guys look great . love the upgrade attempt (nothing ventured!!!) – Great film keep them coming ! Only 4 weeks to morocco can’t wait been blinging the bike even got a bit of E-bay`ed Touratech on there now along with the K60’s and bars!. Have a great time and ride safely!.


  4. Personally I think you ought to have found a bigger ship ;-). A fantastic introduction to your trip, the filming is great so now getting exited for the next instalment! I am a great believer in living life to full and this has got to be one of the best examples I have ever seen. My news – I now have a dance partner so the ballroom doesn’t know what has hit it and I have just signed up for a triathlon :-). Good luck on the bikes!


    • Hi Rich, fabulous news about the dance partner. Thrilled to hear that, knew you’d waltz right in (b’bum cha!) and scoop up the best they had. Jase is loving the positive feedback re his video, hopefully the shape of things to come!! The last 24 hours have been great, getting stuck in with the locals when we were invited to a special biking event organized by Diego and Maria from the ‘Viejos Coyotes’ although there were a few clubs that joined the party. We’ve been staying with Diego and Maria for a couple of days and I smiled when they told me that the only reason they invited us back to their house was because I waved excitedly as I rode past them on the promenade in Puerto Madryn; they said most bikers on big bikes just ride past with their noses turned up. So glad I waved and shouted out because we’ve just had the most incredible day with so many lovely people. One guy got quite tearful when we said our farewells to him today, what a sweetheart. Keep those hunky hips in time, lots of love L x


    • Hi mum, thanks for your lovely message. We’ve had the best day today, will crack on with the blog and tell all. Lets just say Argentinian hospitality is probably the finest there is, wow. Jase and I can’t believe how special these people are, love them. Right, just showered after salsa’ing my bum off all afternoon, time for a beer and some free pizza with Maria and Diego, our treat. Lots of love, L xxx


  5. Loved the video. Don’t think I can convince Carol to ‘up-grade’ to a cargo ship – she likes her creature comforts too much, as you know! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Take care. Lots of love to you both. Pete & Carol xxx


  6. Just watched this after reading about you in ABR magazine. Great vlog and picture quality was good, really captured the moment. Even after years working in distribution it is still amazing watching the lifters and cranes in action. Going to continue to follow and see how your adventure pans out, be safe ….


  7. Excellent video, it really gave me a sense of what a voyage on a container ship is about. You two look like a very fun couple, can not wait to finish catching up on your blog. Be safe and “May the calm be widespread, may the sea be as the smooth surface of the greenstone, and may the rays of sunshine forever dance along your path” Maori Prayer.


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