Grab some popcorn, put your feet up and get comfy before you watch our short films we’ve created on the road (we’d love to hear what you think afterwards!):





As seen on the fifth show of Adventure Bike TV.










We’ve linked up with Adventure Bike TV!

lisaAdventure Bike TV is an online television channel that airs monthly episodes around the exciting world of adventure motorcycling.

We have a feature film within the following shows:

  • Episode 1 – June 2014
  • Episode 2 – July 2014
  • Episode 5 – October 2014
  • Episode 8 – January 2015

16 thoughts on “Films

  1. Yes Steve, I used a quadcopter for the aerial shots, which is carried in a Peli case on the back for the bike as a top box. Glad you liked the video.


  2. I’ve really enjoyed the videos and story so far…what a fantastic trip you’re on. Which quadcopter do you use and how’s it coping with the journey?


    • Hi Mike,

      I’m using the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter which is bearing up well with all the vibrations from the bike, not so good when I crash it though.


  3. Hi Mike! Greetings from Brazil!
    Your vídeos are absolutely fantastic!
    I have just come Back from Atacama desert and your videos make me want to go to terra del fuego so badly!
    Sandro Bugon


    • Thanks Sandro! You should definitely get to Tierra del Fuego if you can, it was one of the best highlights of Argentina for us. Cheers Lisa and Jason ;o)


  4. Hi Mike,really awesome aerial footage….
    It make me feel like being there itself…
    Gd soundtrack as well….
    Keep it up…(Md Rashid)


  5. Great video’s! The aerial view certainly adds that extra dimension. Can you tell me the music from the video on adventure bike tv no.5 please. Another great choice.


  6. Pingback: Drake Passage – Antarctica
    • Floraine, you crack me up! Loved meeting you on that boat, what a time we had. Can’t wait to see you again, oh, I’m pure as the driven snow me, ha hah! L x


    • Oh Mike, that would be something else but wouldn’t know who to approach if we’re honest and really, it’s not unique what we’re doing even though we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! L&J x PS We have been on Adventure Bike TV a few times (an online TV show about adventure motorcycling)


  7. Its taken me around in circles,the best i can find is the BBC3 commissioning site on which there is a direct link to the station Digital Controller (Kevin Kavanagh). They list travel documentaries as one of their areas if interest. I’m convinced that you would benefit from sending a sample of your work as it is extremely well produced (especially given the resources you have at your disposal)
    Give it a go – nothing (ad)ventured, nothing gained as they say.
    Will keep looking :-)


    • Channel 4 have a commissioning site with lots of contacts too


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