Dispatches on the road

ABR and TWN trip planning image add vaccines insurance first aid kit
Some trip credentials from February 2014 to date:

Antarctica to the Arctic Circle over as long as it takes.


Story so far: 

Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, a day in Brazil, Antarctica, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and currently, we are cruising through Costa Rica.


Months at sea: 1

Miles: 23,000+

Miles on Lisa’s original front tyre: 23,000+

Months on the road: 15

Continents seen: 2

Sub-continents seen: 1

Countries visited: 10

Oil changes: 7

Tyres replaced: 5 

Chain and sprockets replaced: 2

Fuel pumps replaced: 1

Water pumps replaced: 2

Batteries reconditioned: 1

Batteries died: 1

Wheel rims ruined: 2

Rear shocks failed and replaced/repaired: 2

Rear suspension linkages destroyed: 1

Brake pads replaced: 4

Number of times we’ve dropped the bikes: Countless

Number of occasions the bikes have conked out: 7

Broken down in the snow: 2



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