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18 May 2013: The British Motorcyclists’ Federation event, Peterborough

18 May 2013: The British Motorcyclists’ Federation event, Peterborough

Superb day spent at the BMF event in Peterborough amongst thousands of bikers – explored the site from sliding my head in and out of every flip-face helmet imaginable to meeting Jack at Compass Expeditions and Chris at Unchained Tours -forthcoming chaps happy to furnish us with invaluable info. Cheers fellas.

Picked up with Nicky Plumb who got the enthusiasm levels right up, loved meeting Maggie for the first time (half of the Leprechaun in Latin America duo) – she’s a hoot and a half that one and finally got acquainted with Sam Manicom‘s Birgit, putting a friendly face to a much talked about name was a pleasure. All that coupled with picking up with Graham Hoskins and Tom, fully-fledged freelance film maker made for a full and thoroughly interesting day. Oh and rode back from Cambridgeshire in partial pitch black without throwing my toys out of the pram. Cracking Saturday into the wee hours, oh yeah!


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