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Saturday 31 August 2013 – Scotland trip: The last day

Image The final day of the trip.  Our last breakfast was spent at The Welly Stop in Tyndrum opposite Pine Trees Campsite.  A cracking start to the day and no one could fault the tucker, it satiated the appetite,  setting us up well for the 180 mile ride down from rural Scotland to civilisation in Cumbria.  The ride got off to a scenic start although gradually the landscape became less interesting, flattening off to bland motorway.

By 3pm I was spent.  Dog tired, smelling of bonfires and BO, I needed to step out of the saddle and give my derriere a good, long rest.

The remainder of the day I relaxed with Jay and Penny, chatting non-stop about the memorable events of the 1,537 mile trip.  And what a trip!


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