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16-18 August 2013: The UK Adventure Travel Film Festival


Great to meet David and Louise from


Lisa with Graham Field and Sam Manicom


The jolenes


The Adventure Travel Film Festival ATFF

16-18 August 2013: The UK Adventure Travel Film Festival

Feast your eyes on the UK travel film festival; presented an overwhelmingly rich opportunity to immerse yourself in a sea of brilliant people. Back-to-back travel stories, presentations and filmed adventures – undoubtedly spoilt for choice. Somehow still managed to catch up with friends, learn a truck load about what I love doing most and rock the night away with The Jolenes followed by drunken songs around the campfire.

We got blistering sun and monsoon rain but the spirits weren’t dampened, it just whet the appetite for more indoor unique films.

Top five films: Alone across Australia, The boy that flies, The silk road, African odyssey and Mondo Sahara. Loved Louise Wilson‘s talks too! And when Ben Fogle popped in to make a guest appearance on Friday night, I gained a new found respect for this ‘Yes’ guy who redefined perseverance for me.

Thank you Austin Vince, Lois Pryce, Sam Manicom and the entire ATFF presenters and volunteer crew. Superb effort.


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