Morocco here we come…

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imagesI’ve decided to get some sun and sand without the sea, or the Mrs.  I’ve booked a last minute trip to Morocco to chill out, relax and get some experience riding on sand.  This is a present to myself for eighteen months of save, save, save.   So Neil (a biking mate) and I will fly into Marrakesh on 21 November and  spend five days on our hired BMW f650gs’.  The bit I’m really looking forward to is seven days in the desert. We’ll be based in the town of Ouarzazate with Motoaventures, where we swap over to KTM 450’s and from here head out towards the Algerian border towards Erg Chebbi and the famous Red Dunes at Merzouga, which has some of the highest sand dunes in Morocco, reaching over 150 metres in height. We will attempt to reach the top of the highest “cathedral” dune.  We’ll also spend a night camping in a bedouin style camp which we will have to ride over the dunes to reach. It should be better than 5 star as we will be sleeping under one million stars!  Will post a full trip report when I’m back in the UK.

This is a video of things to come, from


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