Latest film: Biking the Baja – In Pursuit of Whales

So excited to present the latest Two Wheeled Nomad installment of a month-long trip we made on the Baja Peninsula. It’s depicts why we live to travel by motorcycle as much as anything else, includes a handful of firsts for us and some experiences that will stay with me until the end. So put the kettle on, put feet and the volume up, and lose yourself for 15 minutes. The film was also aired on a national television show in the United States called ‘Right this minute‘, which was a nice surprise when they approached us.

Many thanks – Jason Spafford.

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28 Feb-4 Mar 2016 – Forever young at Bahía Concepción and feeling small on a limitless sea

Prizing ourselves out of San Ignacio was a whale-induced wrench. Comforted only by the fact that we were headed towards more azure bays, boojum-laden landscape—cactuses that twist and turn skyward, like inverted hairy carrots—scarred by rocky landslips amid a jumble of giant boulders. And foremost, we hoped, another helping of marine magic. The ride to get there invited the mountains to drop away, revealing a ribbon-like highway seemingly tossed into the rocks and salt lakes sparkling in the sun—flecking an otherwise dry and dusty desert.

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16 Feb 2016 – Nailing my knickers to the ceiling and putting dirt road demons to bed

The weather is glorious at this time of year on the Baja, in fact, it just about teeters on perfection. By day and night. I haven’t seen a single cloud blot the sky as yet on the eastern side, and may not. Without the body melting 24/7—keeps the spirits level, energy levels lively and mind sharp. A happy wife means a happy life, eh hubby-ish?

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7 Nov 2015-27 Jan 2016 – A holiday from the holiday and our sunny stateside return

The prospect of coming home after 33,000 miles through 21 countries on my motorcycle, was a welcomed and warranted one.  Taking temporary leave from living out of panniers and a roll bag for two years short of a quarter—to being lavished in comfort at my mum’s house was beyond appealing—hand washing will only get you so far.  For me, Christmas could not have been made more special; I reunited with my family.  I cherished every moment with my nephews Max and Ollie, who at ages 8 and 6 have blossomed into wonderful, young boys adept at keeping their Aunty Lisa highly entertained.  Their innocence and energy was exhilarating as much as exhausting.

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Taking a moment to absorb my surroundings, the Arches National Park

13 Oct-6 Nov 2015 – Four states, three seasons, two wondrous wheels and a Hondukis Yamakazufan 4000 (Part 2 of 2)

Highway 70 took us at full tilt for 360 miles from Denver, Colorado to Moab in Utah, the start of our ride home. A long day for us but it was worth the effort ten-fold. It seemed sacrilege not to take advantage of Utah’s sweet spots. Hiking up to the red rock wonders of the Delicate Arch, just one of two thousand natural sandstone arches, my heart was pounding at the top. And not because I found myself in a world where the sun gleams over a shadowy, giant world of rock. I’ve just become unfit.

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13 Oct-6 Nov 2015 – Four states, three seasons, two wondrous wheels and a Hondukis Yamakazufan 4000 (Part 1 of 2)

Ahead of us lay open country, reddish-grey, studded with cacti. Arizona was the first place I have been for a while that turned out to look exactly like I’d pictured it. As we rode along the blindingly bright highway, I felt happy and charmed. Nestled at an elevation of over 1,500 metres amongst the State’s biggest offering of ponderosa pine forest, Prescott became our next ‘Go to’ base. Usually boasting perfect weather at around room temperature, we rode into an uncharacteristic heat wave for the autumn—amongst granite mountains and all the worthy accomplices of lakes, streams and rolling meadows. Perforated with historical landmarks, you’re hit by the rich history of the Old West. Cowboy style saloons dotted along Whiskey Row fused with the more modern aspects of the traditional town, there’s nothing not to like.

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