Born and bred in Great Britain, I’ve travelled a few continents over the last 15 years, in between getting a BA degree and becoming an instructor to run liveaboard trips and scuba dive the globe alongside Jase. Having learned to ride a motorcycle by accident, I won a competition, which was somewhat more than the runner-up prize at a motorcyle event. After a morning’s wobbling on a 50cc automatic, I got bitten by the two-wheeled bug and never looked back.

Currently riding the Americas the long way up, we’re travelling from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle as much as the Earth’s surface permits on Pearl. I’m not sure whether I ride to write or write to ride, it’s probably both as I adore sharing our tales on the trails as a travel writer.

Home base: Somewhere in the Americas.

My fair lady: Pearl, a BMW F650GS.

Motto for life: Live the life you love, take risks and have fun along the way because you’ll never get out of this life alive. 

Nicknames: Captain Slow.

Loves: Travelling, riding Pearl, Jason, a good book, glaciers, forests, Argentinean red wine and my mum’s cooking.

Loathes: Fizzy drinks, pork scratchings and mosquitoes.

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