So the pair of us have just finished our levels I (me) & III (Jason) at the BMW Off Road Skills two day courses in South Wales. You should see my inner forearms, I’ve developed pumped up little muscles that were aching for quite some time post the fun and frolics in Walter’s Arena.


Simon Pavey (10 times Dakar racer) and Lisa beaming at the end of her Level 1 ORS course.


Fiona Madden, Simon Pavey, Jenny Huntley, Lisa and Jason striking a pose post the ORS courses.


Lisa, Jenny Huntley and Fiona Madden proud as punch having survived the off roading.

I had such a blast once I got the hang of off roading; a totally foreign concept to me, which took no less than a full morning I hasten to add. Managed to get my confidence up thanks to Jenny Huntley and really started to enjoy handling a shiny new G650GS – went up and down lots of steep gravelly hills full of loose rock, sloshed my way over a stream, practiced my slow speed manoeuvres and momentum skills in order to tackle whizzing over a crazy little hill. Mostly just outside the comfort zone but awesome adrenaline-fuelled fun. I even took the 2013 R1200 GS model for a spin a few times around a rocky trail just to show the boys – good times.

Luckily, we’re unscathed although Jase may have done one too many power slides and sprained his thumb by high-siding! We both got commended by our instructors at the end, me for showing the most improvement (started at rock bottom to be fair with my toys out of the pram) and Jase for his steely determination and high skill attained with only 6 days off-roading under his belt…that’s my boy. Rounded our Easter off with Jenny, her family and a few from the course at one of Wales’ finest curry houses, Tiffin for some tasty nosh, Tigers and talk.

Would recommend anyone brand new to riding that wants to feel comfortable both on and off-road to seriously consider booking onto an off-roading course.  I did the Level 1 Off Road Skills course with BMW school in South Wales.  I was amazed that it transformed my riding overnight – such good value for money too.  Would particularly endorse Simon Pavey’s courses, you’ll be mentally and physically spent but the buzz, skill and confidence that comes is more than worth it.

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