It was refreshing to start the day with minimal midgies swarming around our faces.  We packed up in relative harmony as the morning started to unfold, said our warm farewells to our new friends and set off smiling into the day ahead.

Randomly, Chris spotted a small BMW sign so we pulled in all wanting a rest stop and cuppa.  We found The Bridge Inn pub at a place called Gairloch.  No sooner had we ordered coffees, when Ian, Jay and I were offered some shortbread from the young lad serving us hot refreshments.  Freshly baked, still warm from the oven and as buttery as they come, we all looked at other in total awe of the culinary delight we were simultaneously experiencing.  Thee best shortbread biscuits we had ever tasted.

We set our stall out on the picnic bench outside, admiring the view and enjoying the sun on our faces when two bikers rocked up on a BMW 650 Sertao and KTM 990.  One chap had plenty to say for himself and justified his presence in the area by making reference to a constant need to ‘get away from it all’.  I established that he was a singer to which Chris probed a little further and asked if he was local.  He told me his name was JK and revealed the name of his band: Jamiroquai…!  OhIMG_5074IMG_5077

my good God, the lead singer of Jamiroquai,  an acid jazz, house band, Grammy award-winning artist worth $70 million was sat next to us.  We all burst out laughing once the realisation had sunk in that this guy had made the big time; employing his mate Luke as an ‘automative collection manager’ to maintain his fleet of 87 classic cars, 18 motorbikes, 1 helicopter and two quadskis on order is testiment to that.

A little banter was exchanged and JK asked if we’d like to join him at his local pub for a bite to eat followed by pitching up in his back garden.  Wow – our plan, which was ‘not to plan’ was coming into fruition in more ways than one.  Fantastic turn of events.

We scooted over  to what was called the ‘Carribean beach’ by the locals, also known as Mellon Udrigle where we stopped on top of a hill en route for a bite to eat.  Jase had a play on the sand while I freshened up for the evening ahead.  Jase did quite well until he dropped his bike, although was pleased that he made it as far as he did – riding on soft sand is no ‘walk in the park’…!

We pulled up at the Badachro Inn, where I enjoyed a pint and some worldclass scallops alongside JK.  I was feeling decadent and what a time to indulge in some fantastic, freshly caught seafood.  The day became more intriguing; we were being carried along by a sea of unexpected pleasures…the fun had only just begun

Fed and watered, we whizzed around the twisties for 5 miles to an undisclosed location that is JK’s holiday home on the west coast.  Situated in a beautiful spot on top of a cliff, it was a feast for the eyes.  There have been sightings of minke whales and sea eagles, although we got treated to black-backed gulls and shags.

Settled in on a cosy, plush leather sofa, I cuddled up to Kruger, JK’s massive German Shepherd that looked like half wolf, half ‘soft as putty’ dog.  I met JK’s girlfriend Maria, a Russian blonde – sweet girl, which presented a chance to indulge in some female company for an evening.  She was the perfect hostess.  Some beers, wines and ciders later, we abandoned the coal burning fire indoors for a roaring bonfire outside.  Although it was blowing an absolute Scottish hooley.

We had such a good time, it was spontaneous and a lot of fun; JK made us all feel very welcomed.  He was a lovely, hyperactive and slightly wired guy in our company, who loved northern humour.  It was a challenge to get a word in edgeways but the entertainment factor was second to none from this guy.  JK, born as Jason was born in the same year as Jase, both have a love for bikes so they hit it off from the start.  JK especially enjoyed the guys’ company as I would describe him as a real man’s man.IMG_5095

We finished off into the wee hours by watching a series of public safety announcements from the 1970s.  Very random but amusing nevertheless.  Warmed up to some hot nibbles, courtesy of Maria; by 2am, it was time to hit the sack.  Really appreciated having the mezzanine spare bedroom with en suite – a night off from pitching the tent in the driving rain was  wonderful.  Slept like a log and forgot where I was!

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