Woke up to the sizzle of bacon and eggs; after a hearty breakfast and walk along the cliff edge, we rounded off what was a brilliant but surreal twenty-four hours.  I could not have orchestrated or foreseen such a random chain of events, it was a unique pleasure to be invited over and got the impression we were the first group to have done so when Ian asked Jay Kay.

One of the day’s highlights had to be my victory up JK’s loose, steep and rocky driveway.  At a 35 degree angle, I was chuffed that I rode Pearl all the way up without leaving a scratch or scuff on her.  It felt good to turn down JK’s offer and manage to successfully deliver by myself…!  With everyone’s eyes boring into me whilst stood on my foot pegs, apparently my expression was a picture – so serious in deep concentration, hah ha.IMG_5114

By the morning, I had clocked over 900 miles since leaving Nottingham.  Thursday was a great ride for gaining a bit more confidence on the long, sweeping bends.  I dipped ‘my big toe in’ again and found out that at 60mph, Pearl loves gliding around corners.  We saw and rode past the Isle of Ewe and finally eneded up in Scourie, our northest point reached so far.

The landscape was levelling off a little, however, still notably impressive.  Thursday gave us great riding conditions, it was fairly bright and I felt that the trip had not yet peaked at that point; namely, we were around twenty miles from the northest point we desired to achieve.  Another mental note was made to visit Glen Brittle Forest.

The group dynamic was strong and mix of humour kept us in fits of laughter most of the time.  It felt like I had established my place in the group, become ‘one of the boys’ and carved out my own little niche.

Once we had dined on another portion of tasty fish and chips, Ian swore it was the best batter he had ever tasted, courtesy of a local fishbar in Ullapool.  We went onto a place called Ardveck to glimpse a set of ruins, the old remnants of a castle, which looked steeped in history.IMG_5112IMG_5107

The pleasant breeze deterred every local midgie and low level sunlight made for a very inviting place to pitch up for the night.  We noted the gem of this location but headed to a campsite a little further down the road instead as shower and beer needs took a greater priority.  Fair enough.

The feeling of contentment and satisfaction from a stunning day’s riding left me feeling happy and full.  What more does anyone need at the end of a day?photo

One thought on “24-31 Aug 2013 – Our first two wheeled adventure: Scotland (6 of 8) Onwards and upwards

  1. I totally completely adore the first photo on this blog Thursday 29th,I can’t get enough of that view.really special. Is that the view of Ewe ? I really find this spot inspiring, artistically. Certainly ‘you’ found it to be special .


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